About Us

This project was born from Salvation Church founded by the Missionary Daniel Brito Barbanti, this missionary program started in 2013. We saw the struggle children face to receive a proper education in Uganda and that moved our hearts to do something about it in Uganda. During that period we started helping and sponsoring 5 children: Peruth, John, Faith, Joselyn and Florence. Currently we have been blessed to have 42 kids to help. Almost all of them have been enrolled in two schools, one is called Namulanda Infant School (Nursery and Primary) located in the South of Uganda and the other is Ebenezer Christian Secondary School.

Namulanda Infant School

Ebenezer School

In Namulanda Infant School the children are taught biblical principles and study the Bible (including the Old and New Testament teachings).

They learn english as well as all the other academic subjects normally allocated to their age group: Maths,English, Science, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Luganda

Reading (for lower classes) Literature 1 and Literature 2 is offered to pupils in p1-p3.

They receive food/meals per day: posho (maize meal) and beans and medical assistance is offered when necessary.


You can help change that. If you support a child, then you will give them the gift of a brighter future.

Kirabo Esther and Benjamin Atuhaire